Insightful Moments: My VIBE

Global Genes RARE Advocacy Summit - Part 1

Episode Summary

Paula Orandash sits down with patients and their loved ones affected by undiagnosed diseases to discuss the impact on their lives.

Episode Notes

Welcome back to Insightful Moments: My VIBE, presented by PTC Therapeutics. In this episode, Paula Orandash attended the Global Genes RARE Advocacy Summit in San Diego where she spoke with many people who are connected to the rare disease community – whether as parents, caregivers, or as patients themselves. In this episode, you’ll hear from a selection of summit attendees who share their experiences with undiagnosed conditions - both the struggles and the moments of triumph. So join us for this insightful episode of Insightful Moments: My VIBE, brought to you by PTC Therapeutics. 

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